The Sept of Three Flames

Caern: Singing Rock Caern: A small island in the center of a wide river along the boardwalk of a small beloved public park.
Level: 2
*Gauntlet: 4
Type: Gnosis
Moon Bridge Distance: 1000 miles
Tribal Structure: Multi-tribal
Totem(s): Stag – As a friend of the fae, Stag has a fondness for the Singing Rock Caern. Legend holds that the Fair Folk used to gather in the shadow of the great stone at the Heart of the Caern, where they used to revel and sing.
Sept leaders:
Master of the Rite: Ghostfire (Metis [Albino] Shadow Lord Theurge, rank 3)
Mistress of the Challenge: Maria “Velvet-Fist” Thompson (Homid Child of Gaia Philodox, Rank 3)
Caern Warder: Scargiver (Lupus Red Talon Ahroun, Rank 2)
Keeper of the Land: Miri “Shadow-kissed” Perry (Homid Uktena Ragabash, Rank 2)
Gatekeeper: Masterlock (Lupus Bone Gnawer Theurge, Rank 2)
Council of Elders: Liam “Dark-flame” MacGowen (Homid Fianna Ragabash, Rank 3)
Moira “Dancing-Flame” MacGowen (Homid Fianna Philodox, Rank 3)
Flynn “Bright-Flame” MacGowen (Homid Fianna Ahroun, Rank 3)

Geography: At the edge of the city limits stands a small public park, with a winding wooden boardwalk that curls along the edge of a wide river that dumps into the ocean some distance away. Wide patches of marshes and winding forest trails provide a reminder of the greatness of nature, while well tended baseball fields and picnic areas offer a kind testament to the spirit of community.
A narrow stretch of land sits in the middle of the river, sheltered from prying eyes by thick growths of trees and vicious thorns. A trio of standing stones sits at the heart of the island, a place some of the locals claim is haunted.
The Bawn: On the surface, Northeast Creek park seems a well cared for neighborhood park with baseball fields and picnicking areas. Playing children are a common sight and few people pay notice to the unusually high number of ‘strays’ that roam the park. Several large channels from the river feed into the oceans several miles downstream from the caern, and park-goers can launch small boats from the landing in the parking lot. A worn wooden boardwalk skirts the river, offering a few spots to sit and enjoy the view before turning away from the river to wind off into the woods.
A pair of large marsh pools, separated by the well worn path and groves of wild trees, attracts flocks of wading birds and local wildlife. Several of the clearings have been known to attract local pagan worshipers and mystics, many of whom claim to have felt or even seen faeries in the woods.
Grave of Hallowed Heroes: A large, ancient tree stands at the southern tip of the island, stripped bare of its bark by the passage of time. Scratched deeply into the pale wood are dozens of glyphs in the Garou tongue, the deed-names of the fallen warriors of the caern. On the certain nights, the names of heroes who fell with great deeds left unfinished glow with an eerie pale light.
The Living Area: Few Garou live within the caern itself, owing to the lack of real housing, though some of Sept leaders dwell within the Bawn in Lupus form, in fact, Masterlock is frequently seen sleeping in the picnic areas in his Homid form.
Sept members are welcome to crash in the Bawn when they need to, and some of the residents have created sheltered areas off the beaten path where weary Garou can rest and recover away from the eyes of the park goers.
The Assembly Area: A large clearing on the island serves as the great meeting area. Whenever a caern moot is being held, the sept gathers before the three standing stones, bathed in the light of the triple flames the sept is named for. Each meeting is opened by the lighting of the three flames and closed by the extinguishing of those fires.
The Heart: The true Heart of the caern is the Singing Rock, the central stone of the three standing stones in the assembly area. Galliards who lay hands upon the stone claim to be able to feel the pulse of music coming from the stone. But within the Umbra the Heart becomes truly apparent: The great stones sit in the heart of the clearing, gracefully beautiful in its natural simplicity. A beautiful song drifts along the misty air of the Umbra like a ghost. Ethereal figures seem to hover around the stone, voices raised in a singing posture. Spirits of the arts are common, as are river spirits and various Wyld spirits.

Past the Gauntlet, the Singing Rock caern appears in all its natural glory, seemingly untouched by the presence of man. The trees are full and healthy, the grass is thick and sweet smelling underfoot and flowers bloom in riotous profusion.

Rings of mushrooms grow on out of the way paths. A pale silvery mist ghosts along the grass throughout the whole of the caern bawn, and many visitors to the bawn relate tales of seeing mischievous lights and ethereal voices in the mists.

Many who have viewed the Heart of the Caern from the Umbra tell stories of ghostly figures standing around the central stone with their voices raised in heartbreaking song. Although many have claimed to see the singers, none of the listeners can agree on what kind of music they were singing or even what language the specters sung in.

The Sept of Three Flames

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